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Enhance inclusivity, drive equitable healthcare outcomes, and transform your recruitment experience with DIRA.

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Introducing DIRA

DIRA is an AI-powered conversational agent that leverages NLP and machine learning (ML) to engage with patients, answer their questions, deliver reminders, and provide educational content.

Actually 3D Generated Image of DIRA conversational assistant
Idhini Platform Dashboard

Build Trust. Streamline Recruitment.

By automating and enhancing the recruitment process, Idhini empowers companies to swiftly identify and engage with qualified candidates who match their specific requirements.

Unleash the power of AI to efficiently connect with BIPOCĀ and underserved communities

Discover a new era of clinical trial recruitment with DIRA's groundbreaking AI-driven platform. Effortlessly identify, engage, and connect with diverse study subjects from BIPOC communities, ensuring a more inclusive and representative participant pool for your trials. Embrace the future of recruitment and contribute to more equitable healthcare outcomes.

Advanced AI Recruitment

Efficiently identify and engage BIPOC study subjects with our advanced AI algorithm.

Customizable & Multilingual

Tailor patient selection criteria and support diverse communities with multiple languages.

Real-Time Tracking & Analytics

Monitor candidate outreach and gain valuable insights on recruitment efforts.

Seamless Integration & Compliance

Integrate with existing systems while maintaining data privacy and regulatory standards.


Experience the future of clinical trial recruitment with DIRA's groundbreaking technology. Get started now and revolutionize your approach to engaging BIPOC study subjects.

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