Eliminating Barriers to Equitable Clinical Trial Participation

Revolutionizing recruitment and engagement for mission-focused organizations

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Connecting Medicine to BIPOC clinical trial participants

Idhini is an AI Platform that improves BIPOC participation in clinical trials.  The company  bridges divides between mission focused and overlooked communities to advance inclusive clinical trial participation through ethical technology and participatory engagement.

Driving Inclusive Engagement

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A Culturally Competent, Empathetic & Ethical (CCEE) Conversational AI and virtual character amplifies the reach of essential health resources to underserved communities. This technology bridges the gap between underserved communities and mission-driven healthcare organizations, ensuring equal access to medical advancements for all.

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Beyond Bias

A weekly newsletter dedicated to the empowerment and education of underserved communities within the sphere of clinical research and healthcare. By emphasizing inclusive clinical research and health equity, the newsletter fosters informed decision-making and champions health justice for all.

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Amplifying Overlooked Voices in Clinical Research

Harnessing AI and Inclusivity to Revolutionize Patient Recruitment

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Streamline Recruitment

Overcome recruitment challenges with AI-powered solutions fostering culturally aware conversations.

Expand Access

Access wider, more representative patient populations through community-centered co-creative processes.

Build Understanding

Build understanding and trust with diverse groups via inclusive education platforms and perspectives.

Drive Efficiency

Meet enrollment goals and diversity requirements more efficiently through multi-sector collaboration.

Our Approach

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Community-Centered Approach

At Idhini, we work with BIPOC & overlooked communities to create meaningful progress.

Co-Creating Solutions

We work with mission focused organizations and communities to ensure our technologies meet real needs.

Elevating Overlooked Voices

We amplify underrepresented voices and transform narratives by sharing stories directly from communities.


We collaborate with patient advocacy groups, community partners, research institutions, and other stakeholders to increase our reach and impact for overlooked groups. Partnerships allow us to meet people where they are.